Geology and Mineral Resources of World Ocean 2018, 14 (2): 114-116


July 3, 2018 the outstanding scientist-geologist, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, chief scientist of the Institute of Oceanology of RAS Alexander Petrovich Lisitsyn marks the 95th anniversary.

The main research of Alexander Petrovich is devoted to the study of the regularities of sedimentation, the mechanism of the sedimentary process, the lithology of the water, air and ice suspensions, hydrothermal processes on the ocean floor. He developed new directions in marine geology: the theory of suspended matter in the ocean, the biodifferentiation of matter in the ocean, the regularities of the sedimentary process, avalanche and ice sedimentation; the decisive importance of the bios is established at all stages of sedimentation. The basis for the scientific achievements of Alexander Petrovich were the results of numerous marine expeditionary studies.

On the basis of the obtained factual data, Alexander Petrovich formulated the main regularities of the sedimentary process in the ocean - the theory of the zoning of sedimentation of the ocean. He singled out and described the global types of sedimentary process in the ocean: ice, temperate, humid, arid and equatorial humid. The doctrine of zoning is confirmed by numerous new data, including those obtained with the help of deep-sea drilling, and is now widely known.

Alexander Petrovich - the leader of the scientific school on ocean sedimentation, he trained 11 doctors of science and about 30 candidates of science. He is the author of more than 500 scientific works, including 31 monographs (12 of them personal), 6 monographs in English and Japanese. He is a member of the editorial boards of the journals "Oceanology" and "The Arctic: Ecology and Economics". Since 1974, Alexander Petrovich is the founder and permanent chairman of the organizing committee of the annual International Conferences (Schools) in Marine Geology.