The geological community met with deep sorrow the news that on 79th year of life passed away doctor of geology and mineralogy, Professor Anatoly Y. Radziwill.
He was born August 30, 1934 in the village Kuzmina Dam, former Ladyzhyn now - Uman Cherkasy region in a family of teachers Jacob Prokopovich. S. Agrafena mother came from a kind Hetmanyukiv.
In 1951 he entered the geo logical faculty of Kyiv Taras Shev Chenko, graduating in 1956. In the third year the university began specialization Radziwill took geology couse tobiolitiv. Although the fifth year this specialization was canceled and Anatoliy Y. graduated from university in another ( "Geological survey and search of mineral deposits" in the specialty "Engineer Geologist"), his interest in "organic" remained at all for further life.
Anatoly Yakovlevich worked in '12 heolohozyomochnyh, in shukovyh and themed parties Seymchanskoho, and since 1962 - Anyuyskoho (Str. Bilibino) regional exploration administra tion management Minheo northeastern USSR as tehnikaheoloha, geologist, chief of the party. He has made significant contributions to the study of the structure and the GOLD Western Chukotka and in particular OhotskoChukotskoho volcanic belt. His name is forever inscribed in the history of geological research in the region, Shea got the album "OhotskoKolыmskyy edge. 70 years geological a Search "(Magadan, 1998). Anatoly Radziwill in 1968 entered the full-time graduate of the Institute of Geological Sciences of the USSR (Director - Academician Volodymyr Bondarchuk). In 1970 he defended candi Danish thesis on "Tectonics PivdennoAnyuyskoho trough (Western Chukotka)," the principles which formed the basis of new uyav Laziness on the structure of the area.
After graduation he worked in the department geotectonics studying tech tonic and magmatism different regions of Ukraine. This research resulted in the book "tectonomagmatic neoheyu structure" (in collaboration with V. Radziwill and VS Tokovenko, 1986). The monograph describes the main stages Street canisy Ukraine, given the systemic characteristic of the basic structures considered classification.
Since 1981 AY Radziwill led the department of geology of coal deposits IGN. His knowledge tektonista he used to study the coal-bearing formations Ukraine, first of Donbass and DniprovskoDonetskoyi depression that ended on talent doctoral thesis on "The geological formations neoheyu carbon positions Ukraine" in 1993 Researcher for the first time established a number of patterns of relationship of tectonic and magmatic structures reasonably new direction in geology - dependent formation of carbon formations from deep tectonic and magmatic mantle processes. These important scientific achievements included in the monograph mo "welded carbon formatsyy and tektonomahmatycheskye structure HN Ukraine" (Kyiv, 1995).
AND I. Radziwill made a significant contribution to the study of the structure and role rudokontro embracing tectonomagmatic structures VolynoPodilskoyi plate.
The scientist was recognized specialist in the fields of coal geology, tectonics and matyzmu magician, author of about 250 scientific publications, among which generalized nyuyucha monograph "Coal Geology pools (provinces) of Ukraine" (with A. Ivanov and L.B.Zaytseva, - Kyiv, 2007).
Anatoly Yakovlevich was a member of the Academic Council IGN, specialized academic council on thesis defense and the Expert Committee WAC Ukraine. For many years he has worked in the editorial board of "Geological Journal", "Geologist of Ukraine", "Tech tonic and stratigraphy", "Geology and mineral resources of the oceans."
Evidence of AJ naukovopraktychnoyi Radziwill is av Tor numerous certificates and three silver medals of Exhibition of achievements of national state dio Soviet Union and Ukraine. He was awarded the "Golden Breastplate" and honorary "registered geological hammer" NGO "Union of Geologists of Ukraine" and "Diploma of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" (on the occasion of the founding 75richchya IGS). In 2010, Radziwill was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in on uky and technology.
The scientist was an active member of the Ukrainian Society of Nature Conservation and bars Gato made to protect the geological monuments of Ukraine.
He actively popularized geological knowledge through magazines and newspaper articles submitted to numerous academic publications, "Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine" (ESAs), "Geographical Encyclopedia of Ukraine" (power plant).
A member of the editorial board of the magazine AY Radziwill was from the end of 2006. The loss of AJ Radziwill editorial board of the magazine thinks so, which is very difficult to compensate.
The memory of Anatoly Jakovljevic Radziwill forever in the middle tsyah professional colleagues and all who knew him.